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A Summer Month in Wrocław 24.02.2017
Summer Language Class at University 24.02.2017
Living in a Crayon 24.02.2017
The Old University 25.02.2017
Hanging Out in Rynek 13.03.2017
City of Gnomes 13.03.2017
Royal Palace and City Museum 13.03.2017
Searching for German Breslau 14.03.2017
The Jewish Cemetery 14.03.2017
Skytower: On Top of the World 15.03.2017
Observations on the Public Transport Network 15.03.2017
Panorama Racławicka: In the Middle of the Battle 16.03.2017
Album of Wroclawian Morning Skies 18.03.2017
By the River Odra 19.03.2017
Ogród botaniczny: Green Eden in the City 19.03.2017
Ostrów Tumski – Cathedral Island 19.03.2017
Latarnik – Meet the Lantern Lighter 19.03.2017
Hala Stulecia, the Needle, and the Japanese Garden 19.03.2017
The Zoo 19.03.2017
Dworzec Główny – Central Station: A Castle for Trains 19.03.2017
„Transition“ - the Invisible Underground Passage 19.03.2017
Leśnica: A Suburb with History 19.03.2017
„Warnings and Dangers“: What and Whom to Beware Of 19.03.2017
Church of St Elizabeth – Kosciół Św Elzbiety 21.03.2017
Greek Catholic Cathedral of St Vincent 21.03.2017
Katharina Staritz: Tribute to the First Female Parson 21.03.2017
My Morning Walk to School 22.03.2017
Hala Targowa: Grocery Shopping Under Early Concrete Architec 22.03.2017
The Photo Competition 23.03.2017
A Collection of Monuments 24.03.2017
Quarter of Tolerance 24.03.2017
Nowy Targ: What to Do with Communist Ugliness? 24.03.2017
Churches, Churches, Churches: My Personal Awards 25.03.2017
The Divine Mercy Image 25.03.2017
Krzyki: Once Breslau's most upscale quarter 25.03.2017
Ratusz – City Hall 25.03.2017
Wrocław revisited (1): October 2015 17.04.2017
"Churching" Excursion in Lower Silesia 19.04.2017
Wroclaw revisited (2): December 2015 - Christmas Market 20.04.2017
Gnomes at the Christmas Market 20.04.2017
Oleśnica: Silesian Small Town with a Skyline 20.04.2017
Winter Sunset on the Steeple 22.04.2017
What is Happening Here?!? A Military Ceremony in Rynek 22.04.2017
Peeping into Bermuda Triangle 28.07.2017
Cmentarz Grabiszyński: Polish Cemetery Culture 29.07.2017
Forum Muzyki: The New Concert Hall 31.07.2017
Jelenia Góra: The Town 08.10.2017
Ultimate Lutheran Baroque: Church of Grace in Jelenia Góra 14.10.2017
Jelenia Góra: The Cemetery Around Church of Grace 16.10.2017
The Church of Peace in Jawor 18.10.2017
Świdnica 21.10.2017
Nadodrze: The Quarter Beyond the River 22.10.2017
Hear the Pitter-Patter of a Saint’s Little Feet 23.10.2017
Art Nouveau Shop Buildings 24.10.2017
A Brief Visit to Legnica 08.11.2017
Zgorzelec 04.04.2018